Canon mirroless with a modern design ? and 4/3 sensor ...

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Re: IT IS NOT a 4/3" sensor, it's a 4:3 sensor

dmanthree wrote:

thx1138 wrote:

This will be the G1X sensor which is esentially a 4:3 version of the Canon 7D 3:2 APS-C sensor. They share the same aspect ratio as m4/3, not sensor size. Canon's sensor is ~ 1.8x crop and lies in between m4/3 and APS-C. Canon won't ever join m4/3 and will have their own lens mount of course with I presume and EF adapter.

Canon may be last to the line, but they won't make stupid mistake Nikon did, that's for sure.

I sure hope so. But whatever they introduce, being so late to the party, is at a huge disadvantage compared to u4/3. Lenses. It's about the glass, and I can't see any of them catching u4/3 any time soon.

The other ability that Canon has to prove it self on is AF. My GX1 is fast, no question. Canon has never introduced a camera with fast CD AF. If they don't get this feature right, it's a problem.

True about the CDAF, but it hasn't bothered Sony or Fuji either with there rubbish CDAF.

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