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Re: Olympus m43 12-60 lens ETA...

sderdiarian wrote:

mfbernstein wrote:

The aperture is substantially offset by the better sensor in the E-M5 (compared to regular 4/3).

Why not simply match the optimal sensor with the optimal lenses for still photography instead of settling for any IQ compromise? An E-7, ideally with a K-5 sized body and price, would really shake up the DSLR market. And before the DSLR market is dismissed, Canikon sold 12 million of them last year, compared to how many mFT's at thinner profits?

Olympus is not a meaningful participant in the DSLR market, and adding the E-M5's sensor to the E-5 is not going to change that. The E-M5 is doing well precisely because it is not a DSLR and has the advantages of being compact, high quality, reasonably-priced and having a wonderful collection of compact high quality lenses. An E-7 would have almost none of those advantages.

As to them making a new line of HG zooms for m4/3, perhaps they will. But most of the market, even among serious enthusiasts, isn't interesting in $1400+ lenses.

The 12-50 is surely not a great lens, but the 14-54 had weaknesses too...

Please elaborate, I truthfully am curious.

Considerable CA across the range. Soft corners at 14-18mm (worse than the Panasonic 14-45). Softening across the frame past 40mm. It's a good lens. It's not a perfect one.

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