FM3A sized D700 please.

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Re: FM3A sized D700 please.

The best camera I have ever owned was my FM-2 with MD-12. Simple, nothing to get in the way of the picture taking process. I could expose, focus, compose and shoot as quickly as I needed for most subjects.

I concede that I went to AF when I got a job shooting race horses and would have struggled without it, although thinking back, I did shoot some motor racing with my Oly OM-2 by prefocussing.

I know Nikon wont do it but I would love a body with the same features as my FM-2, manual CW exposure and manual focus with a FF sensor.

Cameras are, and have always been, black boxes with a lens on the front and a light sensitive recorder on the back, digital is little different to film, I'm sure Nikon could do it for less than $3000. The lenses would be the sticking point.

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