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Re: The lenses...

I concur with a lot of the previous comments.

I use a Canon 7d and a K5. The Canon is a good camera, but the K5 smashes it for ergonomics, and ease of use. I can also testify to the strength of the K5. I've accidentally dropped it from a height of 1m onto concrete and it didn't miss a beat!

People always rave about the Canon or Nikon lenses. Yes they may have some great lenses, I own a couple L series Canon lenses, but oh my goodness the cost and weight.

If you enjoy hiking/climbing/outdoor activities, you can't beat Pentax and its WR lenses.

I also love the fact of when I show people photos I've taken, especially of my family and friends (which I haven't posted in my gallery as I think they are private and personal), they can't believe they aren't from a big Canon or Nikon camera, but from my little K5.

Just on a side note, I recently purchased a K10 and love the size of this camera, and how easy it is to remove the SD card. Hope to post some landscape pictures from it soon.

Anyway I'm not trying to bag the other brands. I'm only an amateur who enjoys taking photos even if not all of them are good. All brands have some great cameras with there own pro's/cons. I look at the fanboys going at it with the 5D Mk3 and D800/E and I can't help but laugh. I would be happy with either camera if I could afford it. I just can't stand how people try to denigrate other brands as being completely useless (just to justify their own choice) as has been happening lately on some of the Forums.

I'm not referring in anyway to the OP with the last comment.

Peace and enjoy photography.

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