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Re: D800 AF Question

David Gore wrote:

Can the D800 AF when shooting video and maintain focus when Zooming??

The short answer is yes, depending on the AF area mode. Wide-area AF and normal-area AF work well throughout the entire zoom range of my 24-70/2.8. Subject tracking mode tends to lose focus if the selected subject changes in size too much when zooming. I haven't had the opportunity to use face-priority mode other than to report that it doesn't work on my dog's face.

BTW, subject tracking mode is pretty amazing and may well be the mode I use most often if I shoot AF video. I did not expect it to work as well as it does. I'm pretty much a manual focus guy for video, but I could end up using AF on the D800 when I have good lighting with adequate target detail and contrast. Zooming while shooting is something I rarely do even with the power-zoom on my camcorders.

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