Just cause I want one. Help please

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Re: Just cause I want one. Help please

Most people here, and in the camera marketplace, don't NEED any of this gear. But we all WANT it.

So get it. I had doubts about spending for the D800, and the computer upgrades etc, but now that I've done that, the D800 is a source of pleasure every day. Well worth the money. How many things can you buy that please you every day? Here's one of them.

Computer horsepower is less of an issue than you might think -- if you use Photoshop. I just went through this today with tech support at Adobe, and at my computer maker (Puget). Adobe admits that they rushed CS6 out pretty fast, and the raw converter, ACR, does not use the GPU of the system. So, even the latest, hottest multi GPU graphics card makes a relatively small difference in performance. Adobe forums are filled with this. What's more, the way the whole program is coded, PS CS6 is basically using one core of your CPU, no matter how many you've got installed. I have 12 cores, a dual Xeon workstation, but ACR in CS6 is pathetically slow. The truth is you don't actually need anything like a Power Mac or workstation. Most recent computers will do just about as good a job at this time.

Also, Nikon Capture NX2 works great. On older computers too. I've switched to NX2 for now, and use PS for cloning etc. To my eye, NX2 gives better looking images from D800 files.

So don't sweat the computer so much. By the time Adobe fixes their code you'll be getting proficient at the D800, and loving it. And by then you'll probably be able to afford better hardware, plus of course there will always be better hardware if you wait.

You want the D800 -- so GET it!! You'll love it!

Sez I.

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Tom B

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