Where's Willard Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate, Because He's A Mexican

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Re: I pick nothing, that's what makes me a skeptic......

mamallama wrote:

WoodMaven wrote:

mamallama wrote:

So you pick the Kenyan grandmother story as true. You pick and chose like a fool.

I "pick"? Huh? How did Obama pick his grandmother? You imply that she's not a credible witness because she's a black, old Kenyan woman - typical racist sentiments.

WTF are you talking about?

Just responding to your insipid comment.

I said grandmother story, not grandmother.

...er, isn't that who makes "grandmother stories"? Are you really as daft as you appear?

What's picking Obama's grandmother got to do with anything.

YOU chose to reinforce my comment about Obama's grandmother's statements. Are you too dumb to know what you meant?

Your bring that up is more evidence you are deficient in English.

No, YOU brought it up. Oh, how deficient your logic is. Poor mamaLamer.

Your whole list of responses today shows that you have a serious lack of English comprehension, as one would expect from a simple German immigrant.

You WISH I had a lack of English comprehension so that you could have something to throw darts at. I pity you. You are actually a worthless twit with not an ounce of logic or brain.

She's not a credible witness because she has not been vetted as credible.

Talk about not knowing English!!!!!!!! Is she his granny or not? Period. Of course YOU don't think she's credible because she throws doubt on your beloved king Obama. And speaking of "vetted" - you seriously mention that word in a discussion about Obama? Are you THAT stupid?

You want to believe her story/

My training doesn't allow me to "want to believe". It's anathema to logic.

.... because you are ignorant ....

Coming from YOU, that's rich!

....and cannot accept Obama as your duly elected president. Well, suck it up.

"Duly elected"? No, kiddo, he was NOT. I suspect he was born on a boat headed for Hawaii and had a lot of help making up an alternate story. Convenient lie.\

Don't mention "suck" when YOU are talking about your feel-good commander in thief. People will talk.

Wilhelm, the WoodMaven

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