Ricoh GXR grip is a bit loose, glue fail?

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Why worry ....

rondom wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

What were you guys all doing? is us doing something wrong...until it happens to you..just like the anti reflecting coating in your GXR.

Sorry I spoke. My jest was a bit laboured.

I did wonder if the lcd coating was coming off because of something I was doing but it seems that it is soft and once started it seems to progressively craze over. Sony NEX users complain of the same problem (same lcd manufacturer).

A few pleasant words to the Ricoh Australia distributor and the lcd screens affected were replaced. But I have now covered them with Accmaxx covers to be sure. Therefore a good sensible solution worked out between manufacturer and consumer.

Therefore there is nothing wrong with querying the possible cause as if we find out what might be causing it for sure then we can either avoid doing this or if it is widespread request help from the manufacturer. Grip peeling does not seem to be proven "widespread" as of yet.

Famously the Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 "trombone" zoom has a huge fault that causes tiny bearings to come loose inside that effectively destroy the lens. But it always seems to happen out of warranty so Canon pick off those afflicted and make a tidy sum repairing them without ever admitting that there is a problem with the design.

Of course, as you have carefully noted as this is a great lens and those who have not had the problem are too busy enjoying their lens to get overly worried - until it happens to them - right out of warranty.

Canon never seem to have modified that design which could be easily done by putting cushion stops at the end of the trombone's travel. But why worry if your consumers cannot organise themself.

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