I'm thinking of running windows 7 ONLY on my Mac pro

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Re: I'm thinking of running windows 7 ONLY on my Mac pro

The Photo Ninja wrote:

I've been upset with apples QuickTime X

What are you using Quicktime for? If it's just video playback then you do know that you have other choices right? I use MPlayerX and VLC on my laptop and XBMC on the HTPC running Snow Leopard.

Can't remember the last time I used Quicktime other than as a plugin on Apple's trailers website.

and poor video playback for a while. Also, I have been using DxO for my images which runs fast on windows, but slow on Mac (just the way it was coded I think).

Save with the latest version? Really?

Also, I run cs5.5 premiere and photoshop. I am thinking of upgrading to cs6, and could just buy the windows version.

Yes, you 'could' alternatively you 'could' just stay with OSX and not have to cross platform upgrade.

Is there any disadvantage to making my Mac pro a full blown windows machine?

IMHO yes. You'd be losing OSX and have to use Win 7. Now Win7 is a good OS but I don't think the workflow of running an OS (Patching, Updating, Protecting, Searching, Using, Switching etc) is as smooth on Windows as it on OSX.


If 99% of the time you're using software that's available on both platforms then it doesn't really matter which one you use - they'll both be good.

It's like Nikon vs Canon. Yes you can switch over this lens or that lens and replace your entire setup every few years when one side leapfrogs the other... or you can use the one you want to use.

Last point?

How long will you spend switching? How much quicker will the computer be? Will the time you save by running "App X" 1% faster be worthwhile when offset against the time you'll spend switching?

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