5N shutter pause

Started May 29, 2012 | Discussions thread
nadamas Regular Member • Posts: 186
Re: 5N shutter pause

Philtration wrote:

Thanks - found it. It was on, so I guess it must be the autofocus slowing things down a bit. Never mind, photo quality is still great. Just need to pre-empt!

Can't tell exactly from your post, and you may know all this, but when possible you can half-press the shutter button in AF mode and it will lock focus. From there the full press shutter release is much quicker. Also, I leave my camera in the Continuous Shooting drive mode. A single press still just takes one shot, but at any time I can shoot a burst. In most modes it uses the focus and exposure of the first shot so subsequent shots are fast. Has been the difference between getting and losing a shot more than once.

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