No EM-5 Info/bad manual, what do all these options do?

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No EM-5 Info/bad manual, what do all these options do?


Ive had my EM-5 for about 4 weeks now and i am constantly learning new things to do with all the options i have at my fingertips.

But there is one huge problem that i find with this camera and that is lack of info about all the options, what they do and what they are.

I have owned Oly cameras before (E-500) and im used to the menu UI, but still there are tons of stuff that IMO i just need more info about, and the manual for the EM-5 dose not help anything.

For example movie mode:

Im taking my first steps in to movie making, and ive started to try out different movie editing software (mostly using moviemaker atm) and when i go to youtube for some tutorials they all talk about this 60p or 60i and 30p or I or 25p/I, full HD 720p/I and so on.

I know what the difference between HD and Full HD, and i know what the difference is between 60I/60P and 30I/P is but when I try to record on my EM-5 all i get is the option: Record in MOV 1920x1082 Fine/normal or MOV 1280x720 Fine/normal. (beside motion JPG witch my more experienced friend didn't recommend for post editing).

Well I would like to know the difference between Fine and Normal... and there is no info about anything (that i can find) inside camera or in the manual.

Im not a complete idiot and i know there is info about moviemodes here on dpreview:
• MOV (AVC H.264)
1920 x 1080i (60i from 30p capture), 20 Mb/s
1920 x 1080i (60i from 30p capture), 17 Mb/s
1280 x 720p (60p from 30p capture), 13 Mb/s
1280 x 720p (60p from 30p capture), 10 Mb/s
• Motion JPEG
1280 x 720p30
640 x 480 (30fps)

But i ask where do they get this info? I record in MOV 1280x720 Fine and i would think that its option number 3 on the list (60p, 13 mb/s) but how do i know for shure? My file size are nowhere near the size of 13mb/s, its more like 8mb/s.

Its really annoying trying to learn what the features of the camera do when there is no detailed info that you can acess from your manual.

PS. i know about the infobutton but anyone who owns EM-5 knows that info from there is just not so informative.

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