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Re: Pentax appeal....great question

Dinahhs3 wrote:

I have a question pls

There is something I don't understand about the lens , sometimes people say it's expensive and sometimes I read that it's cheap and u can use old lenses?,

do they mean the new ones are expensive and old are cheap? If correct what is the difference between the two lens choice

The DA, DA*, and DA Limited lenses for digital have risen in price to the level of the competition - they were formerly somewhat less expensive - so you will read some unhappy posts about prices from those who still remember the "good old days." OTOH, many of the older used film era lenses (perfectly usable on digital as well) still represent a reasonably priced alternative. Many of these are manual focus (M42 screw mount; K, M, and A bayonet mount) which makes them less popular and thus their prices have generally remained reasonable. Also, the current DA kit zooms and economy DA primes are still reasonably priced and deliver above-average optical performance IMO. And there are both used and new lenses for Pentax cameras available from independent lensmakers, many available at bargain prices.

Most of of the premium film era lenses (A*, F*, FA*, and FA Limited) continue to increase in price, as these are among the finest lenses ever made. I'm fortunate to have accumulated a large collection of these before the price runup...

Long live Pentax!
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