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Re: Each to their own

nekrosoft13 wrote:
and i would not buy a 5dIII if it had one

Skip M wrote:

Liberty555 wrote:

To me - what is the point of a great AF system with LCD viewfinder overlay, 100% viewfinder etc etc if you use contrast detect and a flippy floppy screen?

Get a 60D.

A 60D isn't full frame, it's as simple as that. I have a 60D, and I'd have liked the 5D3 to have had a swivel screen, too. Not for video, but for low and high angle shots at weddings and car shows. Sometimes the 60D just doesn't do the trick...

Well, then, there you go... You're rigid in your specification, the fact that the 5D3 doesn't have one, while disappointing to me, will not prevent me from buying one. It will, however, most likely prevent me from utilizing live view to any extent, thus the disappointment.

Why wouldn't you buy one, had Canon implemented a swiveling, articulated screen? And, on the assumption that you'd buy something what would you buy?

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