X200 On the way? Any Rumors?

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Re: A little economic reality check.

There is no way to guess Fuji's roadmap and each company has their own. Normally Nikon brings out a new generation of their flagship cameras every four years, though with the disasters, this generation was delayed an extra year. Fuji may have a shorter cycle or an even longer cycle.

What are your expectations? If the X-Pro1 is any indication, Fuji's flagship cameras will be very much like the X100. A few buttons were moved about, and an innovative menu was added, but physically the camera was totally familiar. One of the great joys of buying the XP1 was that it is so similar to the familiar X100.

If an X200 ships in 2014-2015, it will almost certainly do 1080p movies and have a few more megapixels. I would expect to see the Q menu carried across from the XP1. It may raise the ISO sensitivity by an EV or two. It will probably have a new engine capable of writing to whatever speeds cards will achieve by that time. Things evolutionary—not revolutionary. Simply keeping up with the times.

If you are uncomfortable with the X100, I expect that you would be uncomfortable with any Fuji top-end camera, and would be wise to look elsewhere.

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