My Zeiss, Leica, Leaf service experiences.

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Re: My Zeiss, Leica, Leaf service experiences.

Hi KB2zuz
Thanks for the feedback.

I should have mentioned that the Leica lens was a Leica demo model. They may have used it for a trade show, etc and then sold it through their dealership. It got inspected and certified by Leica before they put it up for sale. It worked flawlessly for a year before the mount got loose. They provided the warranty card but somehow didn't accept that when I sent it in. It was not a gray market lens and it was an official US import. I should have used the dealer but Leica says on their website that users should contact them. By the time the invoice showed up I could have contacted the dealer again but decided to just pay and get done with it.

The Leaf repair went through the official Leaf dealership. They did all the communication. They were the mediator between me, the Mac Group, and Leaf in Israel. I did not deal with Leaf directly or the Mac Group. So I used the official channel for repairs.

I agree with you that manufacturers have to evaluate the customer and how they want to deal with repairs. I am not a person who can afford a lot of MF equipment so I have to rely on the warranty. Thank you.. D!RK

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