Pentax K-5 dpreview score 83 above 5D M3 and D800; how come?

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Re: Which part of:

I therefore do not expect them to waist resources readdressing older reviews and find it easy to ignore the numbers from years past as I know it's not a relevant measure. I actually almost never even notice the score at either site so that may influence my thinking here. Have a great day

Hey Mako,

Doing daily reviews is easy job, important thing is to able to compare them with whole database, this make sense, this is what is needed. If today 5D MarkI is still better than 5D M3 in some aspects I shall see this. Review is talking and bla la, but scores are more clear and analytical. The only problem is to create a system than can cover all time.

This is not so diccufult, it doesn't need time to waist from somebody, only program will do it for yourself.
For isntance if they score openly, not over 100%, like DxoMark still it works.
every new camre with new features will get longer bar than before.

As of today, I am seeing a Gold list, for the same catagory K-5 beating up D800 and 5DM3, this is absolute NONSENSE!!!

whatever the reason, I would rather make no rating, rather tahn gving wrong information to people and awarding in a system which creates excuses for the past winners.

have a great day..

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