Pentax appeal

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Re: Pentax appeal

Thanks guys, very educational set of comments and nice insight into the world of pentax.

I mentioned previously that I always had a soft spot for Pentax and I do, it strikes me as a quiet decent underdog that goes about it's business and truly cares about photography and it's users.

I also like the abstracts, like the unique-ness of the brand and the individuality, I even like the name Pentax has a nice ring to it.

Interesting learning about it's features and some of it's lenses, I think the three lenses i use to hear about before that I coveted were the 31, 43 and 77, aren't these the L lenses in the Pentax world : )

I'll read more about the cams in the forums, would I switch to pentax? probably not since I'm already knee deep in canon lenses ( i use it professionally and I have around 12 ) but hey there's always the 645 right?

Seems the only thing missing from Pentax is a full frame model. If or when they finally do release one ( is Shake reduction even possible on a FF model ? ) that should make your Pentax lenses even more stunning to use.

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