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I am also in the market for a tripod and head, and will pass on some info.

I have seen some recommendations for Feisol, and their largest (37 mm top leg diameter) column-less "Elite" 3372 or 3472 tripod looks very interesting. It is approximately $550.00 vs $925.00 and $1045.00 for the Gitzo and RRS versions. However, the Feisol height is only 58", perfect for me (65" tall). I would guess that Gitzo and RRS are the only sources for top quality tall column-less legs. There are a lot of people out there who find a mid-level tripod adequate for lighter weight kit not including supertelephoto lenses. I like my Induro carbon fiber monopod (CM25), very well made, and I would suggest looking at the Induro tripods, again approximately $500.00. Gitzo had some QC issues in the last few years but has changed its product line for 2012.

Geared heads are generally heavy, 3 lb and up. My Manfrotto 410 is an excellent small inexpensive geared head, but I hated the Manfrotto QR system, so I bought an Arca-Swiss style adapter (Hejnar Photo), and now I am very happy with the 410, less so with the Manfrotto 055x aluminum legs, which are problematic in wind, heavy, have the annoying flip locks, and fold a little long for hiking. The combo is an excellent tripod for architectural or roadside work, though, and I am keeping it.

I have come to the conclusion that Thom Hogan is right, but would add that you may require more than one head if you do specialized photographic techniques.

Don't forget the L bracket, lens foot plates (if appllicable), and cable or wireless shutter release.

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