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What does your wedding contract say?

I don't know how this is working for you, since the agreement is probably the studio's and not yours (as is presumably the liability for not meeting all these shots if the agreement isn't air-tight.

It is generally customary for the contract/agreement to state something to the effect that while every effort will be made to capture requested or key photos, the photographer will not be held liable for missing shots due to circumstances beyond his control. With every couple I meet, I go throught the contract/agreement, and when we get to this point, I make sure they nod in agreement when I explain I can't be everywhere at once, that uncle Bob may jump in front of me and ruin or make me lose the shot, etc. I usually use this in conjunction with a discussion about them (or someone they designate) helping out to ensure unimpeded and efficient capture of requested photos, especially during the formal sessions.

BTW, I don't see it as a threat for a couple to tell me what they want. I want to know that for two reasons:

  • It tells me if we're going to be a good fit and

  • It lets me know what they value so I can focus as much as possible on that.

It's all about communication and setting expectations. A lot of the horror stories I read have to do with photographers (and studios) signing agrements before making sure the couple's expectations are a good match for the photographer's style and approach.

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