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Thanks, I saw the new Pentax with all the weather sealing actually and that's why I posted my question.

Cideway wrote:

Egglestonworks wrote:

Pentax shooters, I'm curious, what is the appeal of Pentax to you? : ) I noticed they aren't the fastest cameras, nor full frame nor are they the most durable, nor the highest resolution yet Pentax still survives and thrives whereas something like Minolta has already fallen by the wayside.

Well the reason I shoot with pentax is that they are the only camera company that offers weather sealing at the price point that I can afford. With Canon you have to buy in the 1 series to get decent sealing same with Nikon, you have to get a D4. Having already had my old Sigma 10-20 go in for three repairs from environmental damage (water and sand ingression) weather sealing (and dust sealing) is the most important feature for me.

For me the other advantage is that Pentax don't make things bigger than they have to, and they some how manage to have their small stuff still comfortable to use.

A weather sealed ultra wide, is that too much to ask?

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Pentax SLR talk FAQ

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