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Re: Pentax appeal

Egglestonworks wrote:

Pentax shooters, I'm curious, what is the appeal of Pentax to you? : ) I noticed they aren't the fastest cameras, nor full frame nor are they the most durable, nor the highest resolution yet Pentax still survives and thrives whereas something like Minolta has already fallen by the wayside.

Is it the history, the ergonomics, the "alternative-ness" of it? I'm curious. For the record I shoot with Canon but I've always had a sentimental soft spot for Pentax, and frankly I have no idea why since I've never used any of their cameras.

Because Canon and Nikon's lenses are like having a can of soup stuck to the front of your camera. They're huge. It's a small primes that neither of them make. And yes, both Nikon and Canon have more lenses, but not the lenses I want. So what if they have 100 lenses if you only own 5? Could care less about FF or shooting sports. And Pentax comes with SR built in.

I also think Pentax cameras feel better. The Canon's and Nikons up to d7000 level feel cheap and plastic to me.

Not sure I get the durability comment.

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