OM-D Screwy IBIS ?

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Re: UPDATE: Cam is back from Oly

Louis, could you do your test again with varying degrees of pressure holding the camera against your eye?

Louis_Dobson wrote:
I wear glasses, but shot without.

Anders W wrote:

christan wrote:

Those of you who wants to test this, I would suggest testing it under these situations:
1) Shoot black text on bright background
2) Shoot as close to the subject as possible
3) Shutter speed around 1/80-1/100, focal length 45mm
4) Hold cam firmly with both hands, and EVF firmly resting on part of your face.

Very interesting thread. And it seems some progress is now really made towards nailing the problem. Let me add two suggestions for further testing:

1. We have one hand versus two hands and head support versus no head support. Which of them is the critical factor? Or are both important?

2. Head support will not be quite the same thing if you wear glasses as if you don't. If you wear glasses, the camera won't really be resting on your skull, which may make a difference. So please try to vary this factor as well. And if you don't please report if you did the test with glasses or not.

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