Why I won't buy the SD1......

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Re: Why I won't buy the SD1......

My solution is multitasking.

When I hit the process button or the Hires button I then have time to do other things, check email, bank account, clean up hard drive on other comp, check dp forums for news etc.
Multitasking also helps to prevent boredom too.

Takes more concentration but it won't kill ya.

Also sometimes a slower pace can help with creative ideas during image editing and help to avoid technical errors.

So not a biggie overall, but still, it's a mystery why it's so slow.
I anticipate they will improve on the speed by about 35% soon.

I have adopted cinefeel idea to shoot raw and jpegs and use the jpegs to find the keepers and just process those. It's the best time saving idea so far. Or just shoot Jpegs - sssshhhh. You didn't hear it from me.

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