DP2 Merrill will be released in July

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Re: DP2 Merrill will be released in July

rpo83 wrote:

Hi Rick,

All i am doing is passing on information from what i consider a credible source, i too was shocked in a good way when he told me the price.

The Aussie distributor seems to have shifted their business model and are selling Sigma Cameras direct, this is evident with the current SD1 pricing that is well under US/EU prices.

Let's hope for all concerned that this is accurate as it would surely mean many more sales for Sigma than if they were priced at $1,000.00. I could envisage many people "giving the DPm a go" This in the long run could only be beneficial to the Sigma brand, which has copped a beating recently.


In my contax/yashica-times i could also get cams from yashica-distributor directly but this was obsolete when prices from reseller were better...

sigma should think about direct selling at least for situations where people cannot see and get stuff in their town.
yashica e.g. did never offer their cams to larger resellers.

But here they were the only ones showing some sigma-stuff, the ones with lower prices. DP1

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