M10 with HD video capability

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Re: M10 with HD video capability

Strange. I'm using my K-5 with primes for video and it's phenomenal.

I selected older FF lenses because they have aperture rings that allow me to change during shooting.

I simply select MF, start recording, then go.

However, in the case of Leica, I would imagine that the video won't be competitive with current offerings from others. I'm going to guess that they will be 720p and 25fps. Maybe 30 if we're lucky. 1080p would require much investment into hardware.

Ashley G wrote:

I would never use video on an M. Had it on a D Lux 4 and never used it once. A video camera without any zoom would be strange, given that video is all about movement and you need to follow the action. I know people are doing whole documentaries on Canon EOS DSLR's and such like, but I think a still camera is the wrong shape and orientation for video use anyway. Still cams are "wide", video cams 'long' - there must be reasons for these fundamental differences. I too would be disappointed to see a host of electronic gimmicks spoil what is such a pure item. Glad I got my M 9 before the M 10 replaces it!!

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