Infinity Focus?

Started May 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
Wally626 Senior Member • Posts: 2,312
Re: Infinity Focus?

Overseer wrote:

Havnt tried this myself so may not work...

Couldnt you just prefocus on the moon?
Seeing as thats always in the sky.

I agree Nex needs lens distance display.
and/or infinty focus.

I really miss my manual hyperfocal setting on my old cam.
It was so usefull in low light which nex excells at.

I know you can go manual lens plus adapter ... but that means more kit to carry etc.

Moon is not always there, it may rise or set prior or after the shooting session. With manual lenses you can check the infinity focus marks during the day and remark if your adaptor changes things a little, but with auto lenses there is not much choice than finding something bright and far away to focus on. Depending on the lens the hyperfocal distance may be short enough to send a friend out with a flashlight to get an infinity focus, long walk for anything over 100mm though.

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