Street photography - 24-105L too short - What do you use?

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Re: Just get closer !

I agree. The more you use zooms, the more you get noticeable for street photography. Either you get some primes at the most 50mm. I always prefer using more discreet lenses for such.

And if you are having problems with focal length, there's always your feet, no need to spend more on lenses. I actually prefer the Fuji X100 for such at 23mm and I do get nice shots. I have decided to use my DSLRs for events where they will be obviously be expected such as festivals, sports, and formal parties.

Try taking a photo such as this with your Canon DSLR and 24-105. Would you be able to do it without people noticing your gear?

KariP wrote:

The very classic street photographers like Doisneau and Cartier-Bresson did NOT use tele lenses - as far as i know they were using 35mm film with a 50mm lens - something like 35mm with your 7D

People recognize also long zooms and do not like them very much - how about just trying to look harmless - and it is also possible to ask first... or just get close and rude like a shameless paparazzi , but that style might be a risk for your health nowadays.

Street photography has never been easy

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