D600 Rumour Update

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Re: D600 Rumour Update

coudet wrote:

runelind wrote:

Do you guys think that Nikon will stick the sensor from the D3X into this body?


A rumour from not the usual source says the sensor will be an Aptina:


Can't see it myself, Aptina has never made a sensor that large - I can't see it would be other than a Sony or Nikon. I think there is, though, quite a strong possibility that it will be a Nikon sensor - their sensor department seems to have developed a habit of shadowing Sony specs with first the 14MP for the D3100 and now the 24MP for the D3200. So, I wouldn't be surprised to see them do the same with a 24MP FF sensor - if it's like the D3200 sensor it could be pretty good.

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