OM-D Screwy IBIS ?

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UPDATE: Cam is back from Oly

Just picked up my OM-D from Olympus. They changed the IS unit and the motherboard. The issue still persists. And testing with another unit they have there also shows the same issue. I had the tech guy there do the test as well, and the issue is visible too, but I had to tell him to hold the cam firmly and with the EVF to his eyes.

Clearly, there is an issue, so he's reporting this to Olympus Japan, and hopefully, they can figure out what's wrong.

It's quite apparent that this isn't occurring for everyone, because of the differences in how firmly each individual holds the cam and holding technique.

Some of you asked for the original full sized pics, so here's the link:

There are six pics in the zip file, 2 pics for each test.

IS1 is ON and firm grip, EVF to eyes
P5290144.JPG, P5290145.JPG

IS1 is ON and using live view
P5290146.JPG, P5290147.JPG

IS is OFF and firm grip, EVF to eyes
P5290149.JPG, P5290150.JPG

And here is a 100% crop from P5290144.JPG showing the vertical blur:

Now, someone in this thread mentioned that perhaps my firm grip introduced the shake. Well, I am using the same grip to take pics with IS-off, and the pics came out just fine. You can find the pics in the Zip file above.

And here's a pic of how I am holding my cam. The EVF eyecup is firmly resting on my face, just below my eye brow.

Those of you who wants to test this, I would suggest testing it under these situations:
1) Shoot black text on bright background
2) Shoot as close to the subject as possible
3) Shutter speed around 1/80-1/100, focal length 45mm
4) Hold cam firmly with both hands, and EVF firmly resting on part of your face.

I would encourage those of you who are experiencing this issue to report it to Olympus so that they can see this is not an isolated issue.

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