upgrade from Zs3 to Zs15

Started Apr 18, 2012 | Discussions thread
plantdoc Senior Member • Posts: 2,754
Curious about lens IQ

I purchased a ZS8, which has the same lens as the ZS15, but a 14 megapixel ccd sensor. Apparently, the sensor was its weakness, but it been fine for my use. However, both copies of this camera I tried were moderate to very soft along the left 20% of the frame in the 5-8x zoom range. Avoid this range, espec. 6x, and the lens is quite good for it range and size. The one I kept (clearance price sale) is not quite as bad as the first copy. Try a more distant subject rather a target at 20 ft. I would have returned for a 3 copy, but the store had no more. They were new, not returns.


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