The true equivalence of the OM-D+75mm vs Canon 5DIII

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Panasonic under-delivering? [Re: Let me make this clear, once and for all.]

Is all this talk a polite way to imply Panasonic has maybe been under-delivering on DR of their m43 sensors so far?
Although, most probably, I can't decipher the exact meaning of all these posts.

Great Bustard wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Well, according to chief proponents of equivalence theory (like GB and bobn2), DR is independent of pixel size. If you just scale a sensor of a given design up or down in size, the DR will remain unchanged (because the read noise increases in direct proportion to the pixel size).

If, and I repeat, IF, the read noise and saturation of a pixel scale with the area of the pixel, then this will be the case. Neither Bob nor I make, or have ever made, the claim that all sensors over all time, use designs which are merely scaled versions of previous designs.

It follows that when you have to crank up ISO to shoot your 150 at 3.5 on FF, while I can shoot my 75 at 1.8 and base ISO, I will have more DR than you. Nice isn't it?

If an FF sensor used the same number of scaled pixels, this, of course, would be true. On the other hand, were FF to use a sensor with the exact same pixels (thus 4x as many), then, in fact, it would have one stop more DR. Reality, of course, is between these two extremes.

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