Which Sony cams have auto ISO in M mode?

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Re: Work around -- Shoot RAW M mode at base ISO, adjust in ACR

Archer, I think you're missing the point. dennismullen is saying that you have to be persistent if you want your message to be heard. Otherwise, it's too easy for a large corporation to just ignore you (or, they might not even hear about it at all).

Right now, there's a shortcoming with Sony cameras that we would like fixed, and we're going to keep asking until it gets fixed. That happened before with the DOF preview button (it came back in the a580). It also happened with the a900's "crippled A mode" that wouldn't work with unchipped lenses (later DSLRs like the a580 work in A mode even without a chipped lens attached). Let's hope it happens with auto ISO in manual mode as well.

Archer66 wrote:

dennismullen wrote:

So that's why the protesters in Washington just showed up for a few minutes said their piece and went home? It's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled after all.

They protested about missing auto-ISO setting ????

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