VF-1 viewfinder and glasses (not only GX-100)

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Re: Finally got a VF-1 viewfinder

patta wrote:

I have had a chance to get a fairly priced VF-1 and I did it!

After the first shots in bright sunlight, in the evening an on a cloudy day - like today - I have to admit that I am happy with it.

With my glasses on I am able to see the entire screen on the viewfinder without scratching my glasses (so far). Of course, it will be harder to discover if the focus lies correctly, but I mostly can trust my GX100 like I did it until today.

Especially in bright sunlight using the VF-1 it is must easier to see the picture I am about to take.
Result: Good buy, I am happy with it.

I think I said before that I am not a long-term glasses user but the age thing finally got the better of that. For a long time I only needed to use them for close reading and got into the habit of peering over them for any other use.

Therefore when I started using the VF-2 on the GXR I naturally adjusted it to my actual eyesight. This works well when the evf is horizontal as I simply look over the glasses and use it directly. However when moved to the vertical it is virtually impossible to use without removing the glasses.

Godfrey (genius) of course suggested setting the evf to my glasses worn and simply look through them into the evf. Correct, this works with the evf in all positions. however I find old habits die hard, must keep trying and "unlearn".

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