Nex Lens Quality/IQ Varience

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Re: Nex Lens Quality/IQ Varience

teseg wrote:

1 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Can't argue with that, but I'll point out that there is a reason why testers report objective quantities rather than "beauty". This causes some people who have issues with objective quantities, to complain that the tests are not "real world", but that's mostly murky thinking and rationalization.

2 Lens quality and consistency during manufacturing process improve over time, particularly with newly launched lenses leading to a higher possibility of improved IQ if you wait 1/2 year+ to purchase after launch (..and most professional reviews are done when the lens is brand new or pre-production)

Possibly. That's an intuitively appealing hypothesis, but is there a statistically significant amount of data to support it?

3 Pixel peeping vs. real world result can vary greatly

The problem here is that "real world" means how a particular person uses his or her images. One person's "real world" is another's pixel peeping. The term "pixel peeping" was invented by people who like to prescribe how others use their images.

4 A photgrapher's personal ability, skill and accessories (think tripod) can greatly affect the resulting image quality and thus their lens perceptions

There's no reason for the things you mention to influence perception of lens quality in any way. Sloppy thinking conflates the subjective quality of an image with the quality of the lens, which is an objective and measurable thing.

5 Sony lens quality is fairly varied and there is a small but reasonable chance you will get a slightly sub-par lens

Do you have objective data to support this statement?

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