Where's Willard Mitt Romney's Birth Certificate, Because He's A Mexican

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Re: There are legimitate Romney heritage doubts

Brian wrote:

Chato wrote:

This has become a Republican instituted "Fetish." Mama is simply pointing out what one can come up with once this can of worms became part of the political discussion.

A little late to start blamming the left.

When George was running for President, this question was not brought up. It wasn't brought up, because it's a Stupid Question. Only now, forty years later, is it being raised.

Mama is not falling for BRJR's idiocy - he is simply taking the discussion to it's logical end.

Even today, we have threads about Obama not being eligible to be President - Far more important then what we discuss is the fact that Romeny has no problem at all with associating with Donald Trump, who even now calls Obamas birth certificate a forgery.

A little late for you to complain...


I typically consider myself a conservative on most issue, but there are many places where I don't agree with the established republican party. As such I don't consider myself a republican.

When it comes to birth issue, I could care less where the Bama was born. His mother was a U.S. citizen and that is sufficient for my needs. What would set well is whether the docs are forgeries or not. At this point is rather mute to be pursuing it any more as his first term is almost over and a fairly good chance right now that his presidency is almost over.

There are a lot of things about Obama that remind me of Carter. And although I see carter as a good humanitarian. I didn't see him as a good president. Carter was president at a rather difficult time in the economy just as Obama is and although they are somewhat different economic issues, they are most likely going to keep Bama from a second term. And although I don't believe the president has much to do with the economy of a nation, Obama hasn't been able to separate himself from it or show it in a good light.

Your above comments are very reasonable...

Of course they have nothing to do with this thread...

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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