Installing icc profile on Epson 3880

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Re: Installing icc profile on Epson 3880

Howard Moftich wrote:

not quite. in the PS printing dialog, you'd select Photoshop Manages Color and then you'd (find and) select the Hot Press Natural profile. Then, in the actual computer Print dialog, you'd set 'no color management' and media type Ultrasmooth Fine Art.

there is no 'associatiion'. You just have to realize that the color profile is different from the 'media type' (media type tells the printer driver about how much ink to lay down and other NON-color related information).

I found this discussion very helpful, since I'm doing this same type thing a few months later. However, the odd thing is that with Photoshop Manages Color under 'Printer Profile', the profile you select is not something obvious like Hot Press Natural, but it is 'SP3880 HPNWFAP MK 1440 v1'. What's with that?! That profile name corresponds to the accompanying explanatory pdf file with the driver, but why such a cryptic name? Guess HPN is hot press natural.

Also, there is also a 2cond profile showing up in the Photoshop pull down list which has identical name but with 2880 instead of 1440. Anyone know what the difference is and which one you'd select? They certainly don't make this easy. There are dual 1440 and 2880 profiles for four of the signature papers, the two cold and hot press ones. However, exhibition fiber paper has only one profile.

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