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liquid stereo
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Qualify it however you like

The Fuji 35/1.4 and XPro 1 is superior to Canon 50/1.4 + Canon 5D/7D DSLR.

Is it better than the Canon 135/2, Canon 70-200/4 or the Canon 400/2.8? No. I guess I thought that would be obvious.

It should be compared to similar focal length lenses or lenses that would serve similar purposes.

LaFonte wrote:

I also don't think anybody can say that it is better than any canon or nikon lens, that would mean one actually did test all the best canons and nikons, for whatever price and whatever f, which is hardly.

But we can say it is better than comparable ones (price and f), like the 50mm 1.4 (which I have) and it doesn't perform as good as the 35mm fuji. (and cost was nearly the same, at least for me)

So yes, in the category of "cheap" primes with f1.4 - f2.0 f the fuji definitely stands on the top. Maybe pentax can top it off, I don't know, some of the limited primes are regarded as excellent, but I no longer do things pentax.

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