D800 live view is awful

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Re: D800 live view is awful

russbarnes wrote:

Lol. I reckon I'm the only one who's happy with it. I find no genuine shortcomings - I work with what I've got and find no real problems at all...

I agree with you, Russ. I've shot product and 'fine art repro' in a studio using Nikon CC Pro2 with a D300, D700, D3, D3s and see no difference in the way the focus is done/confirmed in Live View. It's not great, but it works just fine. The D800/E seems to use the same system.

I first set the AF in LV via auto-focus on the point of critical focus. If the subject lacks an appropriate spot (ie when a specific DOF is intended) then I'll pop a piece of paper in the scene on which I've drawn some black lines, or use some printed text. I then (@200% view) use the + and - control to move the focus away from what the AF set and count the clicks while watching its affect. If the focus is perfect then 2-3 clicks to either side will look equally poor and the best result will be to in the middle. If not, then I choose a better focus position. I find this method a lot easier, faster, and more precise than manually turning the lens focusing ring.

I've learned that it's important to focus at the working f/stop as some of my otherwise excellent lenses have a very visible focus shift when stopping down. Live view offers a critical check of the focus @ the working f/stop rather than checking with the lens wide open or relying only on the AV system.

I've spent most of my years as a photographer shooting in a studio using a view camera and a Hasselblad 500CM. The live view offered by CCPro2 is so much better than the old way of working. I appreciate that it could be even better. But to suggest that it's unusable for studio work is completely opposite to my own experience.


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