Canon wireless flash system (600ex-rt + st-e3-rt)

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Re: Canon wireless flash system (600ex-rt + st-e3-rt)

I recently purchased 5-Canon Speedlites 600EX-RT’s to replace all my 5- 580EXII’s and I sold all my pocket radios receivers.

Just as a measure for those who are contemplating to purchase the 600EX-RT’s I still have my first Canon 10D though all the 5D’s- 60D-1DMk 2n-1DKk III & IV. All of them sync at HHS and work flawlessly in all modes “except” the Group feature, & I have a way around that, but will post my findings’ as I have not had the time to-do so at the moment.
As far as the slave flash blinking constantly C.Fn-23 will disable it.

Hopefully Canon might release a firmware to the existing models to add the group feature in use.

Mike De Simone

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