Samsung WB850 battery problem

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Re: Samsung WB850 battery problem

peewit wrote:

The camera Samsung WB850F

I have now sent this camera to the Samsung repair department.
The problem

From just fully charging the battery in the camera (red charge indicator light goes out as per page 10 of user manual), the battery goes flat in about five days even though the camera is switched off. This makes the camera pretty useless.

This problem does not occur on my Samsung WB650 camera that has GPS enabled.

Note WB850f camera uses Samsung SLB-10A battery whereas WB650 uses SLB-11A battery.

Tests carried out.

SLB-10A battery fully charged in WB850F camera and then removed. Initial voltage 4.18 volts. Battery voltage after five days with battery not in camera is 4.17 volts.

Possible cause of problem.
1) WB850F causes high battery drain even with camera switched off.

2) WB850F does not suffiently charge the battery. Note the WB650 seems to charge it's battery to a higher voltage.
3) Both 1) and 2) above

It's unfortunate that you already sent the WB850f back for repair. The SLB-10A and SLB-11A are compatible with both cameras. You could have charged both batteries in the cameras you normally use them in and when both are charged, swap the batteries between the cameras. This could have told you whether the WB850's charging circuit was working properly or if the WB850 was draining all batteries at an excessive rate. My guess is that the SLB-11A would have worked properly in your WB650 and that the WB850 was charging it properly, but would have drained any fully charged battery after several days. If that was the case, sending the camera back to Samsung probably was the right course of action, but you could have had more information about the problem before sending it back.

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