'Upgrade' from 1Ds MK III to 5D MK III ?

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John Mason
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less dust - other 5d3 pluses

I had the 1ds3 then sold it thinking the 1ds4 was around the corner a few years ago. The 1ds4 never happened so I picked up the 5d2. I've recently got the 5d3.

5d2 was a big step down in terms of AF ability over the 1ds3. The 5d3 is a step up from either. Particularly nice is the consistency the 85 1.2 and 50 1.2 have with the 5d3.

About the only advantage the 5d2 had over the 1ds3 was the sensor had a different coating that was better at resisting dust. IQ was similar at the sensor level.

The 5d3 is better in the available light shooting than either camera. I also like the upgraded viewfinder over the 5d2. I like the internal level indicator (can be programmed to the dof preview button) over both the 5d2 and 1ds3.

The silent shutter is more useful than I would have thought!

The mirror/shutter action is more damped than either camera imparting less vibration. And in silent mode there is almost no indication you are taking a picture either from an internal vibration perspective or to outside ears.

The 6fps is enough and the CAF works great!

The body build is not quite up to 1d standards but the 5d3 feels way better built than a 5d2.

I prefer the smaller overall size and weight than the 1d series cameras.

In terms of IQ, I don't think you'll see much difference at low ISO. At high ISO the noise that is there is easier to clean up. I only shoot raw, but from what I've seen online the JPEG engine is really quite good now.

I'm finding the auto WB is more accurate than either the 1ds3 and 5d2 was. I also prefer the colors I'm getting out of this camera, of course anything can be tweaked in post, I'm finding I don't have to PP the colors very often anymore.

Overall the 5d3 has been a great upgrade for me.
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