Nex Lens Quality/IQ Varience

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Nex Lens Quality/IQ Varience

This weekend I have researched a particular Nex lens (55-210) ad nauseum as my favorite on-line vendor has been closed for the holiday weekend, which has delayed my ordering and caused me to validate through on-line research I'm making the right purchase decision.

While I am aware all products, lenses included, are subject to slight performance variation, I am astounded how many different perspectives exist around a particular lens' optical performance. This has led me to one of several possible interpretations:

1 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

2 Lens quality and consistency during manufacturing process improve over time, particularly with newly launched lenses leading to a higher possibility of improved IQ if you wait 1/2 year+ to purchase after launch (..and most professional reviews are done when the lens is brand new or pre-production)

3 Pixel peeping vs. real world result can vary greatly

4 A photgrapher's personal ability, skill and accessories (think tripod) can greatly affect the resulting image quality and thus their lens perceptions

5 Sony lens quality is fairly varied and there is a small but reasonable chance you will get a slightly sub-par lens

Not just with this particular lens, but many other Nex lenses I have seen reviews all over the place with regards to IQ so am trying to determine whether it is the physical product or the reviewers' testing methods (and own personal photographic knowledge) that drive different conclusions. I'm thinking the later, but have read interesting theories that the 18-55 kit lens has physically improved with IQ since it's initial launch.

Why such varied performance opinions of the exact same lens? As long as we agree it is not driven by production quality varience I can live with the fact we can all have different opinions.

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