G1X in New Jersey

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Re: G1X in New Jersey

Thanks for the calculation. Illuminating. I had never seen it calculated before.

When I used film everyone said that 1/125 would stop motion but I always tried to use 1/500, and the images were very sharp; now we know why, based on your calculation.

I don't blame the G1X at all, I am just commenting that for moving objects there can be blurs at low light even though the image is correctly exposed and acceptable otherwise.


joharis wrote:

krugman wrote:

2. I also bought it for low light work, which my G12, an excellent camera, can't handle well. The G1X does great in low light, up to and including ISO 6400, BUT if the shutter speed is below 1/60 or 125, and the person moves, the person's image will be blurred. Bummer. If the person is still, image is great.

Not so strange that the persons image will be blurred and it has nothing to do with the camera or with low light capabilities. If a person walks at a normal speed of 4km/h, then he will move almost 1cm in 1/125 sec. And no image stabilizer can stop the movement of the subject. .

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