Foveon sensor output - film like?

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Re: Foveon sensor output - film like?

Each emulsion has a different color profile and renders real-life color differently than others. There seems to be some nebulous concept of "Color accuracy" in the photography world, but it's an elusive property that I've yet to see properly demonstrated. More importantly, I'm not sure why "Accurate" colors are even that important outside of forensic or scientific application. Good color and accurate color are not necessarily synonymous. Look at Velvia -- it's one of the most iconic transparency films in the history of photography, and its colors are wild and even outlandish at times. It has a razor-thin dynamic range compared to the Foveon sensor, and that's okay too.

Personally, I see Foveon output as coming closer to film rendition than any other consumer digital technology. Maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not -- really depends on your intended application I guess. But the reason I adore Sigma cameras is for their unique color palette -- even the greenish SD14 renderings can have a place in my gallery.

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