A wedding from the bleachers, GH2 and a long lens

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A wedding from the bleachers, GH2 and a long lens

On a whim I brought the GH2 to a wedding this Friday with one lens, an OM 135mm 2.8. In this case I went long and bright since there was no way the (wonderful) PL20mm would do me much good from the pews. Light in the church was a mix of candles, a few fluorescents way overhead and some indirect sun through stained glass. In other words, atrocious. No idea what those folks with digicams with the flash off (by request) hoped to shoot in there.

Some things I learned from the experience.

  • ISO 1600 at 1/160 and f-2.8 just produced pics that I could use. Small chance that my Nikkor 180 2.8 would have let me find a balance between a hand-holdable shutter speed and a useable ISO. Might as well leave those long native zooms in the bag.

  • The extra bokeh from a long and bright lens made a big difference.

  • Oly's 135 2.8 is nearly tack sharp wide open, to the point that any softness falls well below anything you can see at ISO 1600. It is also fits well in your hand whereas the Nikkor 180 starts to look and feel a bit silly on a micro 4/3 body.

  • I plan to light a votive candle to the patron saint of tilting LCD's, as soon as I find out who he (or she) is.

  • It was hard not to feel a bit of gear envy while thinking about the compromises that one might not have to make with an OM-D. Given a couple stops of IBIS I could hand-hold that great lens at 1/60 and shoot pics that look like daylight.

  • Speaking of the Olympus, here is one circumstance where a soft, dignified shutter 'click' could make a huge difference. On the other hand the alleged 'hum' might have caused me to put the camera away.

  • Once again, thank you to Panasonic for making focus zoom fast and easy with manual lenses.

Here are some representative pics of the experience. I did as much as I could with Lightroom 3 to bring up the exposure a bit and keep the noise under control. Maybe LR4 would give me a little more to work with? Thanks for any feedback or advice.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH2
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