A65 vs A57 high ISO noise, any difference?

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Timo Voivalin
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Re: A65 vs A57 high ISO noise, any difference?

That's exactly my point, people buy 24 MP to use them, and don't shoot 16 MP with their 24 MP camera. Downsampling always involves loss of information. So in the end, what is the point of shooting at 16 MP if the camera downsamples (probably pretty badly compared to good PC software) and you end up with an image that is very likely inferior to one that was taken with a native 16 Mp sensor.

Conversation about is 8 or 10 or 12 or 14 or 16 or 24 or 36 Megapixels enough or too much is totally different conversation, and is like beating a dead horse.

If 24 Megapixels is better in good light (more resolution and better opportunity to crop) and as good as 16 megapixel in low light situation - why not choose 24 Megapixel?

Takes more file space etc. As I said it has been though and talked MegaZillion times ...

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