Garden this evening with the Nex7 and SEL50

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Dan Weil Contributing Member • Posts: 504
Re: I don't think it's a great picture

I like the brick because it helps give the feel of the setting and garden. The drain pipe is awful and distracting. If you cut it out, you lose the rightmost panicle of the wisteria, which is so important to giving a fuller story about the wisteria, which sets the mood of the garden. Dare I say I would photoshop out the drainpipe, very carefully?

This photo is about the very pleasant garden, the feel and the visuals of it. It is easy to project oneself into the garden and enjoy the peace and tranquility there. A lot of cropping would give a more technically correct or pretty picture, but lose the whole ambiance of the place. Capturing that in a garden is not easy and is done well here. Of course, as a lover of gardens, wisteria, brick and the Netherlands I am a sucker for this photo. The more I look at it the more I love it. I think I will take a nice cool beverage out to the garden, sit in that chair and enjoy the peace and the scent of the wisteria.

Daniel Weil

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