In defense of the 18-55mm kit

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Re: In defense of the 18-55mm kit

Peter, I wouldn't take it to heart. I've been using the CZ16-80 for number of years now and I have to say that I'm also pleasantly surprised at the performance of the SEL18-55 for general use, especially after reading all the balderdash by those irked that it doesn't perform like a 600$ lens. It exceeded my expectations and I like when that happens. When you see adjectives like "terrible" or "horrible" you have to consider that the source is speaking in absolutes and lacking much objectivity. When someone speaks in matters of degree, it probably shows a bit more credibility. Keep posting the shots and ignore the anti-hype.

PeterWrth wrote:

Cheezus!! I'm sorry I posted these images. I did not say this lens was as good as or better than any other lens. I was simply stating that I was very pleasantly surprised by the results. I did say "for its intended use...".

I attended a kid's birthday party, for heaven's sake. Not a model shoot. I sat quietly in a chair and zoomed in or out as needed. I did not want to leap all over the place thrusting a 30mm at people, particularly the kids.

Of course there are better lenses and it is absurd to compare this kit with a prime. Having said that, no one can convince me that the quality of the images posted here (and the rest of my keepers) is crap.

And, I should mention I have the Sigma 30mm on order.


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