Massive A77 Flash Test (14-image series)

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Re: I see why I never have flash problems

tbcass wrote:

When using flash I either use Auto iso or iso of 400 and below. I use auto iso almost all the time with 0 EVF comp and 95% of the time I am satisfied with the results as the camera consistently chooses the right combinations.

Look at the picture, not the pixels

I didn't switch from Canon to Sony only to be severely limited in what I can do when using flash. If another brand comes up with phase detect in video with a swivel LCD, I'm jumping ship. I'm waiting for either the a65 upgrade or the FF SLT to see what Sony has to offer. If this flash issue is not resolve (as well as the atrocious AWB, although I can do some PP to fix things), I am really jumping. I did a whole system jump six months ago, and I'll do it again.

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