Nex 5n for candid street photography...

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Re: Nex 5n for candid street photography...

The 19mm is good but not necessarily my first choice for street photography. I was initially not going to buy it at all as 19mm is not my favourite focal length (its wide but not REALLY wide - i favour 11 or 12mm on my a77 for example) and I had read reviews saying the IQ wasn't as good in the corners compared to the Sigma 30mm (which I have and think its a great lens). However, a few on the boards here said it was sharp across the frame so when I was buying the camera on Saturday I thought I'd give it a go - and it is better than I was expecting, perhaps just a tad behind the 30mm in the corners but very usable wide open). However in most cases I was trying to keep my distance and be discrete, which the 50mm did very well indeed. The only problem with the Sony 50mm is its bit big - particularly with the hood on - which makes it less discrete. I'll probably stick to the 50 and the 30mm for this sort of photography but take the 19mm for landscapes and city scenes like the castle above (Rochester Castle, Kent - the other two shots were taken Saturday in Reading, Berks).The Sigma 30 / 19 are both pretty compact by comparison and I tip my hat to Sigma for making two great cheap primes for the NEX series.

I look forward to seeing your shots

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